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im alone but God always be there for me :')
Tuesday, 18 September 2012 | 10:26 | 0 comments


Hi everyone. I'm single, maybe. I'm alone now. I actually not alone. Because God always be there for me. I do not know why I feel alone. I just have friends and God. My family did not find out about me. They are more concerned to know about the others. Just now be scolded by my grandmother and my uncle. I was afraid to do anything. Only able to listen to their nagging. I do not hate my family, I just want to live free and do not want interference. I love them. Do they love me too? Omg! I don't think so. I am very sad because my grandmother always annoyed me and other siblings. I do not know what's wrong with us. We are only able to be patient. I am very sad. What's wrong with my grandma? What I have done? I do not want my grandmother's story chapter.

                                     My friends sometimes make me go crazy xD They make me laugh, happy and others. Sometimes one of my friends that I hate her because she was my personal affairs. I hate her! He seized my lover, my best friend, and my favourite teacher. I really hate her!! :/ My most dear friend of mine is fatin khaliqah and nur arinah. I really love them. God only knows how strong my love to them. Thank you for all what you do for me, dear friend. I really love you guys. Bye and Assalamualaikum. Xoxo. THE END.