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Thursday, 19 September 2013 | 06:36 | 0 comments

hi guys! im back so i want to tell u guys about my boys. They're very cute right? yeah i know coz they all my boys so dont be jealous w me ok? u know who very very very very so cute? he is.......... ofc niall horan! he is my idol yeah my idol xo

yeah thats my niall..... he is so cute right? yeah i know. u know what i like him? coz he is so cute, the end hahahahaha lols. I like him coz he is so perfect to me idk why but he so adorable u know! When he playing guitar, i was like "wow why he so adorable?!". he voise so hoarse. Sooooo niall, i love u cute boy! xoxo

yeah thats my zayn.... he so cute too. u know what he has a very nice vocal. When u hear he voice, you will be amazed! yeah seriously. btw dont take him from me coz he's mine hahahahaha lols zayn muslim but idk how to explain

so ladies & gentlemen he is harry styles! Claps hand everyone! when he smile, i will be amazed coz he's dimple was so cute lols like seriously thats right hehe. I like him...... 60% act. he voice same like zayn too 

liam payne! yoo bro hahaha thats my brother act lols just kidding he like my brother lah coz he looks old to me hahahahaha dont be angry ok liam. But he so cute. ok thats all about my cute brother lols. he voice so soft but sounds good

he is louis tomlinson! he not cute but handsome! i like he face! idk why i like it. he voice little bit childish hahahaha like seriously idk why i talk like that hahahahaha 

"im actually so bored rn, sorry coz im annoying lols bye'